How SubmitDIRECT Works for Filmmakers,
Music Supervisors and others seeking music
Step 1 - Post your FilmMusic Network job listing and choose SubmitDIRECT online submissions. There's no charge for posting the job or for utilizing the online submission system.
When you post your job posting with The Film Music Network, we'll send you instructions to login and access your exclusive SubmitDIRECT Review Area which will contain all music submitted for your job posting.

For filmmakers, music supervisors producers, music libraries, and other music seekers, online submissions mean no more stacks of demos overloading your mail box, no more MP3 files filling up your email box, and complete privacy security as you can receive music submissions without exposing your mailing address or email address on the Internet. With SubmitDIRECT you can start receiving music submisisons online instantly - great for projects where getting great music quickly is a priority.

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